What are the Akashic Records?

Imagine a place that contains an ever-evolving record of all the energetic experiences of every soul. From multiple lifetimes and dimensions, the Akashic Records are essentially a combination of everything your soul has experienced, safely held in a sacred space. Working with an experienced Akashic Records guide, as well as your personal guides, your records will be accessed to provide you with guidance, clarity, and tools for your continuing evolution.

Collaborating with Your Guides

You may already be acquainted with or working with spiritual Guides, or perhaps this is new to you. The Guides that assist you and work with Suzanne in the Akashic Records are usually different from your “everyday” guides.

Your Akashic Record Guides hold space and support your soul’s path in all of its incarnations.

These guides work as a Collective for you, creating space around your process, giving you clarity on issues and challenges, and providing you with a soul perspective that can create important shifts. Their support is unconditional, and their Love is eternal. Your Akashic guides are witnesses to your soul’s evolution.

Working with Suzanne

Suzanne’s role is as liaison and guide between you and your Akashic Records. Her training and experience in the Records allows a connection to your Guides, and a “seat” in their circle. Suzanne’s abilities and experience merge with the Guides’ insights and wisdom, and the Records provide deeper clarification into your queries. You are invited and encouraged to take part in the collaboration. Suzanne will gently guide you through the process with ease and a focus on what is most helpful for your growth.

What to Expect in a Session

No two sessions are alike; even your personal sessions will differ from one another. The best approach is to come with a question or challenge, but to be open to what happens. Often, your Guides will address the root of the issue, or provide you with clarity around a seemingly unrelated topic that can help in much deeper ways. Be sure that you are in a private space, and that you will not be interrupted during the session. And understand that the biggest shifts come from a willingness to do the personal work, and to be open to the process.

Ready to schedule your Akashic Records Session? You can choose your session and book it now, or get in touch with Suzanne if you have any further questions.

"In each session, there was a transformative aspect to the work, an “Aha” moment about my
journey and internal relationship to my outer world. Suzanne was kind, caring, grounded, and
objective. There is a way in which she holds space that feels very safe and supportive."

S. Michelle, Vancouver, BC