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What kinds of questions to ask in an Akashic Records session.

You may be wondering what kind of questions and issues you can bring to your Akashic Records. The answer is – anything you want! However, some kinds of questions and ways of phrasing them will bring you the most useful information and deeper perspective. Of course, your Akashic Record guides and I are happy to work with whatever issue you present. Often we will perceive the deeper issue behind your question – that is part of our expertise, to get to the heart of the matter.

The Akashic Records, in their work with me and my clients, rarely offer answers about specific things related to time and place. To give a silly example, if you are asking about new career options, the Records are not usually going to tell you something specific like: “Go to the corner of 24th and Vine, where a thin man with a derby hat will give you a blue file folder with the name and address of your next employer.” It really doesn’t work that way!

And even if your Akashic Records could give you that kind of specific information, it would not be in your best interest. Inquiry in the Akashic Records is a rather mystical, free-flowing process, so you will be shortchanging yourself if you have the expectation of receiving specific nuts-and-bolts answers to your questions.

You will receive the greatest benefit from a session in your Akashic Records when you ask open-ended, exploratory questions.

Usually questions that start with the words “How” and “What” will give you better results than questions starting with “When, Where, and Who.” Also, it is better to ask Open-Ended questions rather than Either/Or questions.

As you think about what questions you might like to ask in your Akashic Records session, feel free to use some of the suggestions offered below.

Examples of open-ended questions you can ask even if you don’t know exactly what issue you would like to focus on in a session:

  • What is my truth today?
  • What do my Akashic Records want me to know in this moment?
  • What blocks me from expressing my full potential?
  • How can I love and care for myself more deeply?

Examples of questions where you can fill in the blanks with your own particular issue:

Choose between work, health, relationship, family, etc.

  • What is my truth today about …
  • What blocks me from expressing my full potential in …?
  • What do my Akashic Records want me to know about …? 
  • What old patterns or beliefs are keeping me from realizing my goals in regards to …?
  • How can I improve my relationship with …?
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