Akashic Energy Clearing Session

Do you have a feeling of being “stuck” in one or more areas of your life? Maybe you find it challenging to translate your ideas and dreams into reality? Or perhaps you have some relationship issues (whether romantic, friendship, or family) that are draining you.

The Akashic Energy Clearing Session will assist you with clearing blockages or unhealthy energies from your electromagnetic field (your chakras and aura) that may be holding you back or bogging you down. This clearing work allows for deep internal shifts, a more expansive energy, and a clearer path for your personal

What to expect during an Akashic Energy Clearing Session

You’ll want to choose an issue that has been challenging you, and bring a willingness to receive the guidance that opens you to creating shifts. Suzanne will open your Akashic Records to view your field and observe where your energy flow is restricted.

Using clearing techniques, Suzanne will help you shift the energetic blocks and restore flow and vitality to your energy field. After the session, you will receive detailed instructions (via email) for the easy-to- learn energy clearing skills that you can continue to use on your own.

Each session includes:

  • 60 minutes with Suzanne via Skype or phone
  • Post-session email detailing how to continue using the clearing skills on your own

Cost: $125.00

Ready to clear the way for a healthier, more harmonious energy field?


"The process enabled me to see barriers or negative beliefs I had, which were preventing me from moving forward with my intention. Working with Suzanne, these beliefs “came up” and we did energy work to release them. Suzanne maintained a professionalism, while being playful, which I appreciated. Her descriptions of the information she received were powerful and easy to understand. If I had questions, she readily clarified and elaborated."”

C. W., Raleigh, NC