Guidelines for Akashic Records Sessions

What kinds of questions can I ask during an Akashic Records session?

The most fruitful questions are open-ended. For example, instead of asking: ‘When or where will I meet the partner of my dreams?’, it is better to ask: ‘What kind of partner will be best for me? or ‘How can I prepare for the kind of relationship I long for?’

If you don’t have a particular question in mind, it is always fine to ask: ‘What is my truth today?’ or ‘What serves my evolution?’

When seeking answers to life’s dilemmas in the Akashic Records, it is not about finding cut and dried solutions, it’s about working with themes and patterns to evolve in new directions for your highest good.

Are there any age restrictions on receiving an Akashic Records session?

Yes, you must be at least 18 years old.

In addition, I cannot open the Akashic Records of your minor children on your behalf. You can ask questions within your own Records about how best to handle situations or emotional patterns with your children.

Can I get medical diagnoses or treatment from an Akashic Records session?

No. I am not a licensed medical professional, so it would be unethical for me to provide any medical information or treatment during an Akashic Records session. You may, however, receive a deeper understanding and perspective about how to cope with an illness.

Can I ask to open someone else’s Akashic Records?

No, an Akashic Records session is just for you, and it is not useful or ethical to open  someone else’s Records on your behalf, even if they give their permission. They are far better served by having their own session.

You can certainly ask questions in your own Akashic Records session about your relationship with another person. This may offer you a fresh view of the patterns and habits you are carrying that impact your relationship and how you might shift your own approach to relating.

Can I ask to open the Akashic Records of objects, pets, heirlooms, crystals, etc?

Yes, as long as you are the owner of the object or pet. For example, I cannot open the Akashic Records of your neighbor’s dog, only your own pet.

I can open the Akashic Records of species or categories that are not owned by anyone. For example, you probably don’t own a wolf as a pet, but you can still request to open the Records of Wolf as a species to learn more about Wolf wisdom.

"In just one hour-long session, Suzanne was able to help me see exactly how and why I was in my own way. The questions I thought to ask were answered so much more deeply than I anticipated, and I came out of the experience feeling lighter, brighter, and excited for my soul’s journey.”

V.M., Black Mountain NC